Back in early August we got wrapped up in the whirlwind story of a 30-year old Minnesota woman searching for her birth mom.

Known only as Katie (her TikTok profile name is @kpnachos), she took to the social media platform to share what little bit she knew about her birth mom and adoption -- that she (Katie) was born July 28, 1991, that she was part of the closed adoption system, that she couldn't get in touch with her biological mom without paying a lot of money and that all she had from her mom was a letter and photo. Sharing the photo with her followers on TikTok, Katie made a public appeal to help her find her birth mom.

One week later, we shared a major update in the story after someone reached out to Katie to say she that recognized the woman in the photo and that she'd once known Katie's birth mom. For several days we waited to hear more, but eventually those days turned into weeks, and those weeks turned into months.

Curious to find out what happened, we recently checked in with Katie on TikTok to discover that all the initial videos she'd posted related to searching for her mom and been deleted, which she addresses in a video dated August 20.

"All of the videos, I pulled them down," she says in the 20-second clip. "I was able to find a lot of the answers that I came on the internet to find, and we're going to keep it private. We're going to keep it private for everybody involved. For the foreseeable future it's not going to be anybody else's business." The video is sped-up and at times hard to decipher.

On August 31, Katie posted a follow-up video that -- while easier to understand -- is even more elusive than the previous. "I'm just mainly enjoying life a little deeper these days," Katie begins the video. "I'm just living life and being happier. I'm just enjoying the things I enjoy more deeply and just trying to explore other things...and just do stuff. I'm a very introverted individual so why not tell the internet all of my feelings." She seems to skirt around whatever actually happened and really doesn't provide any clear answers. Actually, it seems like she's overwhelmed or even sad, which she alludes to at the end of her video. "A main goal right now at this point with everything is, like, I just hope this helps somebody else out there -- some other adopted kid just, like, feel better about feeling alone and unsure. Those are very valid feelings for you."

We can only guess at what Katie found (or didn't find) along her very public journey. It's evident that the whirlwind of it all may have uncovered some things she wasn't prepared for or that were hard to discover. Or perhaps the publicity of it all became overwhelming. Again, we can only guess.

In one of her videos above, Katie invites followers to check in again in six months to see if there's an update. Maybe we'll do that; maybe we won't. For the time being, we're going to give Katie the space she needs and continue to wish her the best on her journey -- wherever that leads.

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