The average life expectancy in Minnesota is 81 years. But if any of these signs appear in your life, you have a chance at reaching 100 or older! Here are 8 signs that you could live to be over 100!

  1. Genetics - Your DNA plays a big role. If you have relatives that are over 90 there is a good chance you could make it that far too! About 1/3 of your chance of making it to 100 depends on your genetics.
  2. You are female - 19/20 of the oldest people on record were women. Girl power!
  3. You have a good attitude - Optimism plays a big role in life. According to a recent survey, most people who make it to 100 think themselves to be positive people.
  4. You are right hand dominant - Left-handed people don't live as long because they are more prone to accidents. Don't believe me? Try watching a "leftie" use right handed scissors.
  5. You are a healthy weight - Not too overweight and definitely not underweight. Basically the ideal Mid-Western. A body like you work a manual labor job but you love a big old plate of hotdish and beer at the end of the day.
  6. You aren't super tall - People who live to be 100 and older tend to be shorter. It isn't as common for tall people to live as long.
  7. You don't live in the middle of a big city - Living to be 100 is way more common in rural areas. There is something to be said about that fresh country air!
  8.  You are still pretty young - Modern medicine advances every single day. People in their early twenties right now are actually twice as likely to live to 100 than their parents are.

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