I was a freshman in college when the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones came out.

The product of renowned rapper and music producer Dr. Dre, they quickly became famous for the name behind them as well as their reputation for unsurpassed bass amplification. Within months they were the hot item to have. As a new college student studying to become a radio DJ, I desperately wanted a pair of Beats. I needed a pair of Beats; if anyone deserved to have a pair, I thought, it was me. They were expensive, though -- ranging from $150-$300 -- and I was a poor college student. So, I saved up.

It took me a couple years of saving, but I finally got my pair of Beats. I still remember the day I went to Best Buy to buy them. I was so excited (and couldn't believe I was spending $150 on something...that was about the most I'd ever paid for something). I got back to my college dorm, carefully unpacked them, turned them on and played a song with massive bass. They were...ok. The bass was pronounced, sure, but otherwise music sounded muffled, muted and -- frankly -- worse than the Sony "radio DJ" headphones we used in our college radio station studios. I was so disappointed. I had built these headphones up so much and was crushed to find out they weren't what I thought they were going to be.

Curious to know what purchases our listeners have made that they regretted afterwards, we asked our listeners to share their buyer's remorse stories.

"I’ve bought a few of the As Seen on TV things that are completely worthless (but on the other hand, some are great)," shared Lynette. "That thing that cleans wax out of ears, that duster, & the spin broom (just to name a few that didn’t work)."

"Lingerie off the internet!" shared Nicole. "Never ever!! Super cheap, scraps of threads. It was laughable. Came from overseas and impossible to return."

"Toys from the internet for the grandchildren and clothes that shrink," Lisa shared.

"Wedding cake," shared Rick.

What item(s) did you regret purchasing afterwards?

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