With Thanksgiving on the way, homeowners publication House Method looked at Google trends to determine each state's most-popular Thanksgiving recipe. Minnesota's results left me scratching my head at our abilities in the kitchen.

"Sometimes that favorite recipe or dish varies based on where you grew up, where your family is from, or where you’re currently living," writes House Method author and data journalist David Cusick. "Different areas of the country and different states have Thanksgiving recipes that are traditional to those areas or staples for their Thanksgiving meals."

Taking to Google trends, Cusick looked at each state's most-searched Thanksgiving-related recipe, which isn't necessarily to say that each resulting recipe is the state's favorite as much as people just don't know how to cook.

According to Cusick's findings, roasted turkey was the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe in nine states. Salads and dressing were the next most-popular Thanksgiving-related recipe searches at six each. Minnesota was one of those states, but we'll get back to that in a moment.

Cusick also looked at each state's most-Googled dessert recipe. Brownies and pumpkin pie led the way as most popular in 15 states each. Minnesota was again one of those states.

You're probably wondering by now what Minnesota's most-Googled Thanksgiving recipes are. According to Cusick's House Method findings, Minnesota's most-Googled Thanksgiving recipes are salad (for savory) and brownies (for sweet).

Now, I hate to paint myself a cynic, but I can't help but wonder at Minnesota's results. After all, salads and brownies don't strike me as all that sophisticated of dishes to make. Granted, while Cusick didn't clarify what "salad" entails, I can't help but think that a salad -- whether green, fruit or otherwise -- really isn't that complicated to throw together. Likewise, brownies -- unless you're making them from scratch (more power to you if you are!), they come with the recipe on the box! I just  think Minnesota's results could have been more impressive -- like a fancy Thanksgiving turkey or stuffing or hot dish for dinner or season-appropriate pumpkin pie or apple crisp for dessert.

Then again, what do I know -- I've never hosted a Thanksgiving meal for twenty!

Have you ever Googled a salad or brownie recipe? Prove my skepticism wrong!

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