The weather in Central Minnesota has been great this past week and I have noticed a few certain things happening because of it! Chances are good you are guilty of at least one of the activities on this list!

1. Rolling Down the Car Windows - This is a great way to air out the car in the middle of January. No amount of scented trees can fix winter musk.

2. Going Out Without a Coat - Once it gets dark we regret it instantly but walking into Coborns without a jacket feels so liberating!

3. Posting Summer Throwbacks on Instagram - Usually with the caption "Wishing for summer" or song lyrics that involve the warmer season.

4. Shamelessly Wearing Sunglasses - I counted 7 people rocking shades on my 4 minute drive home!

5. Worrying About A "Summer Body" - You have a solid 5 months until it is prime swim suit season, trust me you will be fine!


Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts! 


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