If looking at the forecast for Central Minnesota is bumming you out, you're not alone. It doesn't look like we are going to see a high above 40 degrees until NEXT Wednesday. So what do we do now that our April showers are snow showers? Here are a few ways we can make the most of the bad weather!

Bridget Minke

1. Build a snowman/snow animal - My mom did this over Easter weekend. She's super sick of the snow but she decided to make the most of it by building a snow chicken. The perfect combo of spring and winter!

2. Take a Winter Day Trip - Planning on hitting up a place this winter but never got around to it? Good news, winter has been extended. The options for indoor fun are limitless in Minnesota, The Science Museum, Mall of America, Great Wolf Lodge Water Park, Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, all great options to distract from the cold outside!

3. Crock Pot Cooking - It warms up your house and your heart. Make your favorite crock pot meal while you still can! Once it warms up, you won't want a slow cooker cooking out your house.

4. Clean out your closet - It's too cold to be outside, so inside productivity is key. Take an hour or two to go through everything in your closet. Get rid of things you don't wear or don't fit to make way for some fun spring and summer clothes! I did this and didn't realize how much I had to get rid of!

5. Play outside one last time - Sledding, snowmobiling, snow ball fights, enjoy some backyard time while you can because in a few weeks, it'll be all mud!

Frozen Weather = Frozen Drinks