This really isn't what anyone meant by April Showers. Never the less there is a huge snow storm that at the moment is tracking towards Central Minnesota that could potentially bring anywhere from 7 - a million inches (2 feet) of snow. Here are a few things you might want to have on hand for this weekend*.

1. A Crock Pot - Warms the house and warms the soul that keeps getting crushed by more snow.

2. Blankets - If you build a blanket fort you won't be able to see the snow falling outside.

3. One of those eye shade/sleep mask things - There isn't any snow if you can't see it.

4. Bread and Milk - When I worked at a grocery store everyone always bought A LOT of bread and milk when a snow storm was coming. I always go for something more tasty, like cupcakes.


5. Beauty Products - Turn the snow day into a spa day. Face masks, fluffy bath robes, mani's and pedi's, go the whole nine yards! It'll help you forget about the weather until you need to run to Target to get that one thing you forgot to pick up.

6. Cleaning Products - If you're stuck inside you could use the time to clean the house. Or just get what you need and think about maybe cleaning. That's what I do.

7. Comfy Pants - Bright side of being snowed in, you don't have to go anywhere or put on real pants. Hello comfort and a full range of motion!

8. A flame thrower - At this point, I will do anything to get rid of the snow on my driveway without having to touch a shovel.

9. Amazon Echo Device - If you have one with a screen you can drop in on your friends to make sure they are surviving the storm. And on any Alexa enabled device you can listen to Mix 94.9 to keep you company!

10. Adult Beverages of Choice - If you're going to be snowed in you might as well make an evening of it! 21 years and older of course.

Fingers crossed this storm front dissipates by the time it reaches us!

Most things on this list are purely sarcastic. You should never clear your driveway with a flame thrower. Ever.

Binge watch the Taco 'Bout It Tuesdays while you're stuck inside! 

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