Minnesota is a unique area of the country. There are tons of New Year's resolutions that are specific to here, and they should be on your list this year.

Enjoy all 4 seasons outside

With such a beautiful state we live in, why aren't you enjoying the awesomeness of what our distinctly different seasons have to offer? Take up fishing for example, it can be done all year long. We have the most lakes of anybody, so get on them and enjoy them. It costs next to nothing to do!


Spend your money inside the state of Minnesota

You may not have realized this, but many things we purchase are also made right here in Minnesota. It's not always about large or small business, it's about keeping your money in this state. Shops and stores are setup here, and pay the same taxes we do...so why not make an effort to buy here rather than buying from outside Minnesota?

Take 'mini-vacations' a few weekends this year

There's a ton of things in Minnesota you can do in a weekend, no matter what time of year. You don't have to drop a ton of cash for a big vacation each year to Florida or a coast. Why not drive a couple hours on multiple weekends and enjoy what Minnesota has to offer instead? Spend a weekend at a hotel or cabin near a lake. Go to the North Shore of Lake Superior and take in the amazing views. Hike the bluffs in Red Wing and visit some great unique shops. Take a cruise down the river in the St. Croix valley. Go skiing for the weekend at one of our many ski hills. Go camping for a few weekends in a tent, or rent a camper. There's tons of awesome family campgrounds all over Minnesota. Stay downtown in St. Cloud, or Minneapolis, and visit a few restaurants you've never been to.

Spend time with a Minnesota child who needs a mentor

There are a LOT of children here in Minnesota who don't know how great it is to live here. Not every family can spend the time kids need to develop into a great adult. If you even have a few hours each week that are spent doing nothing, get out and spend some time with a kid who can learn from you. Programs like "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" are in such a need for mentors for hundreds of kids. This is a huge must for your list this year.


Be more assertive

Being 'Minnesota nice' is what we're known for, but we also can be push-overs. Have you ever noticed how assertive people from the east coast are? To them it's normal life, to us they are rude. There's nothing wrong with being super nice, but we need to shorten our fuse just a little and show the other states that we are much stronger than they think.