This could have several meanings. For some, it means no resolutions. It's just another year, and everyone who makes New Year's Resolutions gives up. The top 10 resolutions according to Google are:

  • Get rid of stress.
  • Learn how to make kale chips.  (Wait....huh?)
  • Figure out how much water we have to drink to lose weight. (I already did that. 10 glasses a day for me. )
  • Learn how to write  a letter of resignation. (Apparently, everyone's going to be finding their dream job or opening a very successful business).
  • Learn how to cook lentils.
  • Learn how to cook cabbage.
  • Learn how to write a letter of recommendation.
  • Learn how to cook collard greens.
  • Learn how to steam broccoli.
  • Learn how to crochet a beanie.

My resolution list is slightly different:

  • Learn how to say I AM-
  • I am going to have a fantastic year.
  • I am going to be the best mother I can be.
  • I am going to be the best Host and Co Host I can be.
  • I am going to be organized.
  • I am going to improve my piano skills.
  • I am going to be healthy.
  • I am going to get more rest.
  • I am going to be a great friend.
  • I am going to make a difference.


Okay. My check in time is scheduled for January 4th of see how I did with my list. I'm going to set a check up time every three months on my calendar to see if I'm accomplishing what I set out to do, or if I need to make some adjustments.  The key is: Every moment whether it's good or bad, is the adventure of life that we are all on. Good luck with your Resolution Revolution!