Anyone who thinks children aren’t capable of amazing feats had best prepare themselves for the following news. Fairlawn, NJ, native recently set a new world record in the raw squat weightlifting event by lifting a massive 215 pounds. Oh, and did we mention that she’s only 10-years-old?

Kutin shattered the old record of 209 pounds, which was held by a 44-year-old woman, at the RAW Unity weightlifting championships in Texas in January.

So, how did the 4-foot-8-inch Kutin begin her unlikely career as a competitive powerlifter? “When I was younger, my friends would be doing a lot of things that I couldn’t do, and I wanted to do something extraordinary,” she explained.

As for breaking the record, Kutin displayed all the humility you’d expect from a 10-year-old. “It’s great being stronger than everyone I know,” she said. “I’m always beating the boys in sports at school.”

Check out the video above where Kutin squats 197 pounds at the tender age of nine. Starting to feel like you need to take a trip to the gym? We sure do.

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