Measurable snow on the first day of May? Typical Minnesota. Here are some things we really should not have to do this month.

1. Shovel - I refuse. I will let the driveway pile up before I get the shovel back out.

2. Scrape Car Windows - If my windshield wipers can't take care of it, then I guess I just won't see out my car windows!

3. Order Hot Coffee - May is my kick off for iced coffee and cold blends. I refuse to get a drink to "warm myself up".

4. Put a Sweater on the Dog to Take Them Out - I have a little dog and he gets cold easily. I prefer not to bundle him up when he has to go outside.

5. Wear Winter Boots to Get the Mail - Those are in storage already. If snow gets in the holes of my Crocs then so be it!

6. Make Sure the Kids Have Hats and Gloves - Once again, those are packed away and won't make an appearance until late September.

7. Bring the Patio Furniture Back Inside - *Eye roll and reluctant sign*

8. Go to the Gym for a Run- A light jacket should be all I need for a jaunt around the neighborhood, not my real winter jacket!

9. Swap the lawn mower for a snow blower - One just got winterized and one just got pulled out of storage. Guess which one is which!

10. Look Outside and See Snow! - That wasn't something I wanted to wake up to this morning.

Lucky for us it is supposed to warm up towards the weekend and start feeling like May! Thank goodness!

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