We all have that one person on our lists that is really hard to shop for. Either you don't really know the person too well or they just already have everything. Here is a list of some fall-back gift ideas you can get them and still feel like you got them a great present!

1. Hats/Mittens - if your gift recipient lives in Minnesota, this is an extremely practical gift and will be greatly appreciated


(Hat and Mitten Set)


2. Gift Cards for Food - Everybody eats. Ask around and find a restaurant they like a pick up a gift card!

Joe Raedle, Getty Images


3. External Battery Chargers - It is always good to have a back up charge for your phone! Plus these come in cute colors and are relatively cheap!


(Dulla External Battery)


4. Blankets - Either make a tie blanket or just buy a big fuzzy one to save on labor. Everyone likes to stay warm in the winter!


(Luxury Microplush Blanket)


5. Personalized Gifts from Shutterfly - Life Hack: sign up for the emails from Shutterfly.com. They send out offers for free personalized things from time to time. I've ordered free personalized coffee mugs, playing cards, Christmas ornaments, calendars and more! All you pay is shipping and these make great personal gifts!

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media


6. Window Scrapers - Another Minnesota necessity. Plus you can get really cool ones that look like bear claws!


(Bear Paw Ice Scraper)


7. Dollar Store Fun Bag - Take $15 into a Dollar Store and fill a bag with fun things like silly string, funny figurines or other crazy things that'll remind the person of their childhood!


(Silly String Blaster)


8. PopSockets - The best cell phone accessory known to man kind! A PopSocket is a circular attachment that sticks to the back of a cell phone or case and can be used as a kick stand for the phone or as a secure grip when taking photos. You can get any design on them you want! I love my PopSocket and am actually getting some for people on my shopping list this year!




9. Candles/Scented Wax - Kind of a fire hazard but everyone likes to live in a good smelling home. Candle warmers and some festive scented wax cubes are a safer route!


(Candle Warmer)


10. Personal Hygiene Gift Baskets - These are great for males or females. Everyone needs to stay clean and fresh but paying for hygiene products is the worst! Buy a few different products and make your own gift baskets! Or cheat and buy a premade one!


(Axe Set)


Hopefully this list helped! Good luck Christmas Shopping!