Father's Day is this Sunday! What do you have planned for dad's big day? According to a study done by RetailMeNot, 81% of dads say that Mother's Day totally outshines Father's Day. So what can you do that is really special for dad, but not blow the budget?

  1. Make him supper - Take the evening to make dad his favorite meal. He will appreciate it!
  2. Do something he loves - Go golfing, fishing, out for a hike, it really doesn't matter as long as it is something that he will enjoy!
  3. Buy his favorite beer/drink and enjoy it with him - My dad loves Keystone Light so I will be picking up a case of that before I head home this weekend. That way we can enjoy a few drinks together!
  4. Offer to help him with a project - My dad is one of those people that always has 8 different projects going at once. Offer to give him a helping hand! You might even learn something along the way.
  5. Attend a Rox Baseball Game - Take Father's Day Afternoon to the ball park for a Rox game. And splurge for the Sports Deck tickets! Only $27 gets you great seats and your food is included!

What are you doing for your dad this weekend? Share it with us in the comments!


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