This week, I've been giving tips of things you can give your Dad for Fathers Day. Today, I want to give you some healthy gifts..You might not agree with all of them, but they are definitely considerate gifts, and will show your Dad you really care.


I know they say the Dad bod is in, but maintaining that Dad bod is important too. This can help your Dad maintain his muscle and build strength right in his own home.


If you think this isn't fun, you are WRONG! My kids bought me an ergonomic desk chair for Chriistmas, and it was my favorite gift. My back no longer hurts when I'm working in my studio at home, and almost every time I sit in it, I remember that my boys bought it for me. The gift that keeps on giving.


Yoga can help us reduce blood pressure, improve our posture and balance and strengthen bone and muscles.


Shoes sound boring to me. But a good pair of shoes for an active Dad will help his feet, joints, muscles and back.

A PHYSICAL SCREENING you don't want to give your Dad a certificate for a colonoscopy...BUTT....will he get one on his own? Maybe if you get him an appointment and have it paid for, he will see how important it is to you, for him to be around a lot longer. He'll definitely feel the love.

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