2011 was a crazy, busy year for Mix 94.9. Just take a look at the stories that got the most traffic throughout the year and you'll get a sense of 2011.

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    Sartell H.S. Choir Covers 'Bad Romance'

    Sartell High School's La Vox Choir cranked out some Lady Gaga at their spring concert. Mix 94.9's Peter K was there and reported back to all the other little monsters.

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    Kim Kardashian Spotted In St. Cloud

    Before the wedding -- and the divorce -- Kim Kardashian visited her fiancee's St. Cloud restaurant, "5 Guys Burgers and Fries." It was the first of several trips to Minnesota -- and several to St. Cloud -- for Kim and Kris Humphries.

    Amy Van Vickle
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    Storms Spin-out Tornado And Down Trees In St. Cloud Area

    Storms hit the St. Cloud area on July 1st, felling hundreds of trees and flooding parts of the metro area. Mix listeners contributed to a huge photo gallery, documenting the damage.

    Peter Nyblom
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    Website Claims Beyonce’s Baby Bump at VMAs Was Fake

    Was she or wasn't she? That was the question at the MTV VMA's this year. Turns out, Sasha Fierce WAS preggers.

    Getty Images
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    How The MN State Government Shutdown Will Affect You

    Lots of Minnesotans wanted to know how the impending state government shutdown would affect them. So lots of folks clicked-into Peter K's post detailing the carnage.

    Tboard, Flickr
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    Movie Review: Black Swan

    Lots of folks were intrigued with Natalie Portman's performance in "Black Swan" and with Mix 94.9's movie review by Ileana Williams.

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    5th Largest Modern Day Earthquake Hits Japan

    In the first hours of the Japanese earthquake in March, Mix 94.9 provided initial reports, pictures and even live streaming from the quakezone.

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    Will 14 Year Old Hailee Steinfeld Do A Nude Scene?

    Mix 94.9's Jade wondered why it was okay for a 14-year-old to strip in "Romeo and Juliet." Lots of folks read this article, though, we think Google was sending us a lot of traffic from folks looking something other than Jade's article.

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    Baby Laughing At Mom Blowing Her Nose

    Baby Emerson's reaction to mom blowing her nose was priceless. So priceless, it made Jen's Funny Friday Video picks in March!

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    Ileana’s Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

    Crazy as it sounds, Ileana's movie review of "The Adjustment Bureau" took off on the internet. It's the most read post on the Mix949.com website this year.

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