Kim Kardashian was spotted eating a burger at a St. Cloud restaurant yesterday (Tuesday).  The Hollywood celebrity, and her fiance Kris Humphries, stopped at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Humphries owns the restaurant with his parents.  Worker Danielle Moen says they only found-out about the surprise appearance just minutes before they walked in the door.
Moen says Kardashian also took a handful of photos with the customers.  She says Kardashian seemed nice, but was quiet most of the time they were at the restaurant.

Earlier in the weekend, according to scattered internet ragsheet reports, they were in the Twin Cities for some fun on Lake Minnetonka, a Twins game and a night out on the town.

Kim Tweeted these photos while on Lake Minnetonka and Humphries tweeted during the weekend: "How do I convince @KimKardashian that minnesota is better than L.A.?"

Our suggestion? Maybe a weekend here for a real taste of Minnesota living!