Two weeks ago, Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the MTV VMAs. Now is claming that Beyonce used a fake baby bump at the award show.

Initial reports say that Beyonce was in her Second Trimester. Now people are saying she is only Two Months pregnant and not really showing.

Does it really matter? Maybe she wanted to look more than bloated at the VMAs. Several of my friends who have young children say the first few months of pregnancy was the worst, simply due to the fact that they felt they looked "fat", not pregnant.

Personally, I think in some of the first pictures of Beyonce holding her baby bump, she is just pushing her stomach out. Plus there is a lot of material to her dress, that could have also been a factor in the bump looking bigger. In other images, you see no baby bump at all! Unless she went to the ladies room to put the fake bump on, is making a story out of NOTHING!

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