I'm very excited to see Michael J Fox return to the small screen.  I was a HUGE fan of "Family Ties" growing up in the 1980's and even DVR the reruns to this day.  Michael's been battling Parkinson's Disease since 1991 but didn't come public with his fight until 1999.  He's a tireless activist and created the Michael J Fox Foundation to help raise money and awareness for the disease.

Fast forward to 2013.  Michael J Fox is set to debut the Michael J Fox Show on Thursday September 26th on NBC with a special one hour premiere.  I'm not only excited to see him back on television but can relate to his fight due to losing my father-in-law this past March to the same disease Michael's been fighting for over 20 years.  The show is based on his real-life experiences with Parkinson's and celebrates his spirit to not let it prevent him from everyday life experiences.  He plays beloved news anchor Mike Henry who put his career on hold after being diagnosed but is ready to get back to work.  The show is receiving early praise from the critics and from the trailer, it looks like its typical Michael J Fox humor mixed with family love (just like Family Ties).

I know my family and I will be watching next month and will celebrate his success in honor of John T Schaffner, who wasn't as fortunate as Michael's been in his battle with Parkinson's.  He had a lot of life left to live and in someway, this TV show will hopefully help put the spotlight on a disease that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.  We continue to pray for a cure, so no other family has to lose someone as special as Bumpa.

For more information on the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, Click Here or visit the National Parkinson's Foundation.

John "Bumps" (Tracy Zimmerman)