Michael J. Fox

NBC Lands New Michael J. Fox Series, No Fox on FOX
Well that certainly didn’t take very long, but then again the last thing you want to do is be shaky around Michael J. Fox.  Horribly bad taste aside, Michael J. Fox fans can rest easy knowing that the former ‘Family Ties’ star will officially return to TV, as NBC outbid the other major networks to …
Michael J. Fox Wants to Return to TV
I was so happy to hear that Michael J. Fox is developing a sitcom inspired by his life. He would be the star of the show, which I assume would involve his struggles with Parkinson's disease. No other details to report and no network is attached to the project yet.

Michael J. Fox Still One Of The Good Guys!
There has been a lot of problems with celebrity marriages and relationships lately. As a fairly common, regular, guy - I usually find it impossible to feel sorry for these rich folks in any way. Plus, it is true that most of their misery, they bring on themselves...