Here's the latest news from the "Pokemon Go" craze, which show no signs of ever going away!

1. Two random people in Verona, Wisconsin both got into car accidents within four hours of each other over the weekend...and YES they were both playing "Pokemon Go."

2. The most popular apps in the App Store right now are ones that can help you find Pokemon. They use crowd sourcing to figure out where you can go to find the toughest characters (Poke Radar or Helper for Pokemon Go).

3. A 29-year-old man in Texas posted on Facebook this weekend that he and his friends were going to, quote, "purge" "Pokemon Go" players using modified paintball guns. He was arrested for one felony count of making terrorist threats.

4. A girl in St. Clair Shores, Michigan apparently got a ticket this weekend for wandering around in a park playing "Pokemon Go."