The new app Pokemon Go has taken over the world. Everywhere I go I see people wandering around outside, which is a good thing, but they're glued to their phones, bad thing.

I figured I would highlight all the good and bad things that have come from everyone getting outside to play Pokemon Go!

Last weekend a 19-year-old in Wyoming was playing Pokemon go by a river, trying to catch a rare water Pokemon, and happened upon a dead body. Super scary and creepy but just think, if she wouldn’t have been wandering around that area, that body would have never been found! Good for the family of the lost man, bad for the poor girl who found him.

Kids (and adults) are getting outside, getting exercise and enjoying the nice summer weather. But they are also out when the weather is not nice. When St. Cloud had the severe weather roll through on Monday night I still saw people outside driving to Pokestops.

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Pokemon Go has so far caused one confirmed break up. A guy from Queens, New York says his girlfriend just busted him for cheating due to Pokemon Go tracking your location while you play. The guy was at his ex-girlfriends house in Brooklyn, NY and his current girlfriend noticed the area and fittingly dumped him. Good for the girl who no longer has a cheating boyfriend, bad for the cheater.

Pokemon Go has also generated new dates and friendships for people! People meet at Pokestops all over town and they obviously share a similar interest. They connect and it sparks new friendships and in some instances romance!

I am sure more good/bad things are going to come from the game as it progresses, after all it has only been out for a week and has already consumed a vast majority of the population. Until then, good luck catching them all!