It seems like everywhere I look people are putting their own twist on Pokemon Go!. There are drinking games, foot-races, and so much more.

A few of us here at Townsquare Media are embarking tonight on the first Pokemon Go! tournament. We have a trophy and everything!

For our tournament the winner will be decided based on a points system.

Our Winners Trophy for the Tournament

- New Pokemon caught: 15 points

- Catching a repeat Pokemon: 5 points

- Evolving a Pokemon: 20 points

- Hatching an egg: 10 points

- At the end of the tournament you total your combat power from all Pokemon you caught in the time slot and add that many points to your score

- A crazy wild-card rule of some sort because we are all really fun and creative people.

If you decide to do this tournament, it might be helpful to bring with a a non-pokemon playing friend to help keep track of everyone's catches and scores. Also if you do play, please post in the comments what your scores were!

I am sure videos of this will be posted soon. Make sure you are subscribed to the Mix YouTube channel!