How do you know for sure that you married the right guy?  Or better yet...that you are looking at the right one to marry?  We've got some great sweet things that those special men do, to really let you know you made the right choice.




1.  He brags about you to his friends and family.

  • He actually likes talking about you because he still thinks you are super cool.  His family and friends are going to know about the exciting things that you are doing, way before you ever have a chance to tell anyone yourself. Nice.

2.  He likes you just the way you are.

  • Whether you just got out of bed, or if you were working in the garden and have dirt in your fingernails, and mud smudged across your face...He still thinks you're beautiful...and it's not just words.  He probably really likes you without your makeup on.

3. You can cry in front of him without feeling dumb.

  • Tragedies do happen...and sometimes, what we perceive as tragedies are just minor set backs.  The Real RIGHT GUY can be there for you and always make you feel better when you are at your wits end.

4.  "I miss you"...isn't just something he says...It's something he means.

  • I REALLY miss you!  He means it.  You might just be gone on a trip for the weekend but he really can't wait for you to come back...That's a sign that he's got his best friend at his side, and she's missed when she's away.

5.  When your friends complain about their significant others, you don't have anything to add to that, because your man is "pretty cool!"

  • I think you understand what I'm saying here.  Now...don't be one of those people who feel the need to chime in and say something negative, just because everybody else is....just don't say anything at all. That're not really bragging about your great relationship, but you're not sabotaging it either.

6.  He is close with your family, and he has made sure you are close with his.

  • He's not ashamed of you.  He wants you to accept him for who he is, and he expects his family to accept you, as well as your family accepting him, because inevitibly, he loves you and will always do whats in your best interest.

7.  He lets you vent.

  • Go ahead...Let it all out.  The perfect guy will let you vent and either laugh along with you, or at least just be there so you can get things off your chest.

8.  He tells you, out of nowhere, how great you look.

  • If he says you look great, you really do. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  If you've chosen the right mate, he still sees you as beautiful, even on your worst day.

9.  You can travel together without fighting.

  • Love long trips with your spouse?  Then you've got a good thing going on. If all you can do is bicker back and forth on long journeys together, it's probably not the greatest relationship to spend the rest of your life long journey in.

10.  He actually cares about your relationship with your friends.

  • So you haven't heard from your best girlfriend in over a month.  Your husband is concerned, and tells you to call her and make sure she's okay?  This means he values your relationship withothers, and he trusts you with your friends.

How does your significant other hold up?  If you've answered 10 out of 10, you've probably got the perfect match.  If not....see if there's things that can be addressed that you can make sure that your life long mate, is really what you signed up for. A true LIFE LONG partner.