What's new at Parkwood 18? Want to be a better cook? There's an app for that. Calling in sick? Your boss may stalk you. 

New at Parkwood 18 this weekend:

Three Musketeers (PG - 13) - This latest incarnation has flying warships, but the story is basically the same.

Paranormal Activity 3 (R) - This one is a prequel. It takes place 18 years before the first two movies. Katie and Kristi are kids and it's set in 1988. The pair make friends with an invisible entity, but it turns hostile when their parents start asking too many questions.

Johnny English Reborn (PG) - Rowan Atikinson is back as British spy Johnny English. He's pulled out of a Monastery to stop an assassination attempt on a Chinese leader. Gillian Anderson is his boss and Rosamund Pike is her assistant.

Want to be a better cook? There's an app for that. If you're looking to make dinner and impress your family this weekend, or you're just running out of ideas, here are some apps that can help your kitchen skills:

How to Cook Everything - Organized by ingredients so you can whip something up based on what you have in your kitchen. iPhone $5. iPad $10.

Kitchen Math - If you suck at math like I do, this one will be a big help. It does conversions for you, plus has exact internal cooking temperatures so you can't over or undercook anything. Available for the iPhone for 99 cents.

Harvest - This one helps you pick out produce at the grocery store so you  know what you're buying is ripe. It's available for both the iPhone and the iPad and it's $10.

Appetites - Ever wished you could get step by step cooking instructions from a professional chef? This app has video lessons shot from the chef's point of view so you can see exactly how it's done. We think this one is the best on the list and it's only 99 cents.

The Professional Chef - This one is based on the textbook used at the Culinary Institute of America. Everything in the app is required reading for students. It's 36 chapters and 60 videos and is the most complete app on the list, but it's only available for the iPad and it's $50. The release date for this one is November 1.

Ever called in sick on a beautiful day so you can play with your kids or just goof off? Well, be careful. A new Career Builder survey says that one in six bosses will drive by an employee's house to see if they're home and one in seven have fired an employee for faking sick. Seven in ten have asked for a doctor's note when employees have taken a sick day and more than half have called an employee's house to check up on them when they call in sick. As Peter puts it, "We have over 100 days off every year. They're called WEEKENDS!"