If only Dad was a cool as Tim Taylor, as understanding as Ward Cleaver and as loving as Cliff Huxtable. Oh, what a wonderful world that would be. But, in reality, we know Dad is a little more like Peter Griffin, Al Bundy and Red Foreman. 
A pesky Harris Interactive Poll that asked; "What TV Dad Would You Want Growing Up?"  The last time the survey was done, back in 2009, Cliff Huxtable hit the top, with Homer Simpson coming in dead last. 

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    George Lopez

    "The George Lopez Show"

    No doubt a surprise entry for most of us. George didn’t even make it on the national poll. I have watched the show on occasion, but my kid loves it -- so much that I get a ‘shush’ if I try to ask him something during an episode. He says George is a funny guy and it's funny to be funny -- not accidental. So maybe George is a little more real than others.

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    Al Bundy

    "Married With Children"

    According to the Harris Poll, Al got booted-off by Peter Griffin and Dan Conner (Roseanne). But you loved him. So much, and in classic Al Bundy style, you voted for him in three different ways. As ‘Al from Married w/Children’ – ‘Al Bundy’ and ‘Al Bundy (Married With Children)’ . Not the best with the kids, but hey who would want those two anyway? Buck was pretty much the sanest in the family.

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    Homer Simpson

    "The Simpsons"

    What can we say about Homey that hasn’t been said a hundred times? It’s the longest running American sitcom, the longest running animation program and the longest running prime time TV show. Homer loves the family in his own special way. And usually each episode ends with a lesson that we could all take to heart. Too bad Homey forgets it the next day.

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    Jim Anderson (Robert Young)

    "Father Knows Best"

    Somehow this mild mannered insurance agent with two teens and a youngster beat out Ward Cleaver. This 50’s-60’s show inspired "Leave It To Beaver" and several other ‘family comedies’ which eventually became known as sitcoms. Jim was level headed, but had a snarky side. He set the template for the sitcom dads to come. One-liners and set-ups were his signature.

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    "Malcolm In the Middle"

    This is one guy who should never have had kids. For that matter we’re pretty sure Lois shouldn’t have, either. But really, Hal is just a big 9-year-old who never really wanted to grow up. Don’t ask him, but Hal’s the guy secretly living inside your own dad. Contrary to popular belief, the family DOES have a last name -- it was divulged in the pilot episode: as Francis speaks to his mother on the phone, his name tag says 'Wilkerson.'

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    Peter Griffin

    "Family Guy"

    Yep, he made it. But hey, you voted him into the top five as a favorite. And that’s a little different than actually wanting him to be your dad. I pity the folks who picked Peter over Al Bundy in the Harris Poll. How much do their lives suck? Peter loves his food, loves his TV and loves his buddies. And loves his beer. And loves his dog. And.. wait.. wait.. there’s something else… It was on the tip of my tongue.. loves his… loves his…. Oh yeah -- crystal meth.

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    Tim Taylor

    "Home Improvement"

    Tim is that all-around great guy dad who would do anything and everything for his family. He means well and is always thinking big. That’s probably why we all love him. Who hasn’t seen our own dad blow up a few things in the garage? And the house. And at work. Plus his kids obviously got all of Jill’s brains. He also had an awesome collection of 90’s ties.

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    "Everybody Hates Chris"

    This one was a real surprise. Based on Chris Rock’s real father, Julius, he’s a hard working, blue-collar kind of guy who doesn’t take any guff. According to a couple of friends who watch the show (and own the DVDs) Julius is best when he’s at his worst. Plus the ‘What dad really heard’ sequences are the best. Cuz truly, you know your Dad hears things you say VERY differently.

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    Cliff Huxtable

    "The Cosby Show"

    He was always around and ready to dispense the advice you needed in a nice colorful sweater. Cliff was a Doctor and his wife was a lawyer. His kids were a handful, especially Theo and Rudy. But God Bless Cliff -- he always knew the right thing to say. Even if it sounded wrong. Cliff was real.

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    Red Foreman

    "That 70’s Show"

    You surprised the hell out of us with this one. I mentioned Red was my favorite TV Dad on the air and it looks like I’m not alone. Red always had something to say, dispensing fatherly advice and reflections on everything from cats to love to the US Government. But we all know this guy is as real as they come. He’s done everything all of our dads have done combined. Red is brimming with fatherly pride, always showering it on his favorite son, who he lovingly calls Dumbass. Just thinking about all that love brings a tear to the eye. Now stop crying you pansy or I’ll put my foot up your... well you know the rest.