It was a dream life that any writer would hope for, but in this case it fell short with a lot of pain by one major mistake.

Bradley Cooper (Rory Jansen) stars in this film about a writer who after some thought decides to steel another writer's (Jeremy Irons) works simply because he cant' make it as a writer himself. The past definitely comes back to haunt him from his mistake, now he must confront the heavy price that must be paid for his mistake.

The movie is really hard to grasp as it turns out there are three stories in this film that go from one to another and then leave you mystified at the end.

It has an interesting cast also stars Dennis Quaid (Clay Hammond), Olivia Wilde ( Daniella), and Zoe Saldana (Dora Jansen).)

My Brother Brett Martin ( is a long-time member of the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association). He has interviewed nearly every A-list movie star in the past 10 years.) really breaks down the film with his review.

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