A new video from Conde Nast Traveler asks individuals what word or words are often mispronounced in their state.

"Idea," says New Hampshire's representative. "We say, we put an 'r' at the end of it so it becomes 'idear.'"

"I think people in Texas mispronounce 'ol' instead of 'oil,'" suggests a woman from Texas.

"Well, North Dakota isn't 'North Dakota' as much as it's 'Nort Dakota," insists the spokesperson from North Dakota's.

"Bayg," offers Minnesota's representative before correcting himself to say "bag" with a soft 'a.' "Or bagel."

As someone who grew up in Illinois and moved to Illinois well into my adult years, I 100% agree that I hear "bag" mispronounced often. Not to say it's pronounced wrong, of course, but definitely differently!

Watch the video by clicking on the image above.

Can you think of any other words Minnesotans tend to mispronounce?

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