A Youtube channel dedicated to showcasing mini golf courses around the country just featured a Minnesota mini golf course so wonderfully fantastic they named it the "craziest" mini golf course in the world.

For the past couple years, I've been begging my wife to go with me to Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul and play mini golf. A whimsical world of putt putt courses designed entirely by local Minnesota artists, Can Can Wonderland truly is a unique experience and one of Minnesota's hidden gems. Featuring an additional arcade and artfully-crafted food and drinks, Can Can Wonderland is a fun night-out option for all ages. And yet -- either out of disinterest or something else -- my wife has has no desire to visit Can Can Wonderland with me. Hopefully, that's about to change.

Youtube Channel Minigolf US just posted a new video highlighting their recent visit to Can Can Wonderland. In it, hosts Matt Magna and Brandon Nocerini play their way through the course, offer commentary along the way on things they find unique or challenging about the course. They conclude with a rating of their own "Minigolfus Rating Scale."

The video opens at Hole 1 named the "State Fair" course which features a replica of a rotating Ferris Wheel. At Holes 2 and 3 -- "Loopty-loop" and "Natural Disaster" themed courses -- Brandon earns holes-in-one. Other unique holes include "Catchin' a Wave," "Blue Toad," "The Comet," and tin man-themed "You Gotta Have Heart." The video ends with their overall rating -- an impressive 9 out of 10 and overall Difficulty rating of of 7.8 out of 10.

Can Can Wonderland is open Thursday through Sunday. Find more details here.

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