What is it actually like to have COVID-19? Denielle Mehr is a 45-year-old woman originally from Sartell, and now resides in Minneapolis, and contracted the virus herself. In a post with over 3,000 shares on Facebook she is now recounting what it is like to have it from first noticing symptoms, testing positive, and what the recovery process has been like.

I am an extremely healthy 45 yr old female with no preexisting health conditions ...NONE. I truly believe it would kill anyone that did.
I wasn't going to post this...but now you have a face to all this craziness....and you know someone.

In addition to the Facebook post, Denielle has been keeping a day-by-day journal of what this has been like to deal with. Check it out below.

To Denielle, and everyone in Minnesota dealing with this virus, we are wishing you a fast recovery and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

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