Whether you know every line or the flying monkeys traumatized you, chances are good the movie The Wizard of Oz left some kind of impact on you. I myself played Glinda the Good Witch in a children's musical adaptation, and that is when I learned I probably shouldn't sing.

Grand Rapids Minnesota, located about 2.5 hours north of St. Cloud, was the childhood home of the movie's star, Judy Garland. The family moved when Judy was just 4 years old, but her time in Minnesota is commemorated every year in the form of a festival. There are screenings of her movies, live performances, a 5K, costume contests, and of course a chance to check out some inedible movie memorabilia!


The whole festival centers around the Judy Garland Museum that is located in Grand Rapids, but the whole town gets involved. Community picnics in the Judy Garland Garden, the performing arts center, the event centers all pitch in to make it an awesome time for die hard fans. This year's festival happened in June, and as we anxiously wait for next year's to roll around you can check out the festival website here! 

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