I love nothing more than reading heart warming stories. There's so much negative all the time, it's nice to have a reminder that restores your faith in humanity. This is one of those stories. What's funny is, it's a tale as old as time around here in Minnesota, the Minnesota Nice story.

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In Minnesota we really do try our best to be nice to anyone around us. This is another story that holds that to be true. Maybe I love this story a little more however, because a recent protocol question asked, was asked by a Texan. Being my boyfriend is a newer transplant as well from Texas, it makes me proud to see other Minnesotans proving that Minnesota Nice is really true.

A recent note went up on Reddit from a Happy_Heretical that read:

We just moved here from TX last week - and y'all! My neighbor is out there snow blowing our driveway and walkway!!! We don't know what to do with this level of nice!!! Omg! Yall are so kind! What is proper protocol for saying thanks? We are used to having neighbors showing off their guns- not snowblowing our driveway! wow.

Does anyone else's heart swell? I love that so much and think we forget in Minnesota how often that can happen in neighborhoods, but yet how much it can mean. It also raises a GREAT question. "What is proper protocol for saying thanks?"

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As you can imagine, there were plenty of responses from other Minnesotans with things such as;

There were lots of suggestions of baked goods such as scotcharoos, lemon bars, even a cinnamon roll suggestion. I appreciated the person that said

Getting BBQ from a true Texan, let me tell you from experience that is an amazing idea! Another said this would be a good idea too:

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Hundreds of responses with all sorts of ideas. Bet she didn't expect the post to blow up quite like that either. As the above comment says "Welcome to Minnesota" and there doesn't seem to be one right answer, but maybe try something that best works for you.

What do you do if your neighbor snow blows out your driveway, or what have you done before for your neighbor? Send a message in our app!

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