Pink lettuce. It sounds like it could be one of two things. 1. A genetic defect that makes the would country sick, or 2. a strand of vegetable created by a millennial for Instagram likes. Of those two, the second one is closer to the truth. Pink lettuce is the hottest new vegetable sweeping the nation and the internet alike. According to the New York Post, the leafy green isn't artificially dyed, it's just naturally pink. The real name for it is Pink radicchio, is mainly grown in Italy and in, parts of California, Pennsylvania and Washington. As with most leaf veggies, the taste is mild, but in this ones case even a little bitter.


Want to grow some yourself? The seeds need to be imported from Italy, and the plant does best in mild winter climates. Not exactly what Minnesota is known for. Luckily the pink pops of color have been showing up in more and more restaurants, and even at super markets like Whole Foods. The nearest one to us is Maple Grove, and if you really want to try this new pink green bring some extra cash. Beauty comes with a price and this one is higher than your average salad. It runs about $10 a pound compared to the $2 a pound it costs for normal lettuce. A small price to pay for a lot of Instagram likes!

Fried caper wishes and pink chicory dreams.

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