Where oh where did his sports car go, really though who took it and why?

Will.I.Am has hired himself a Private Investigator to hunt down the thief.

On the night of August 14th in the Avalon Club in Los Angels parking lot his custom designed white supercar went for a ride without the owner.

For some reason he refused to contact police and recruited Ryan Friedlinghaus (West Coast Customs), the garage that designed the car with all kinds of bells and whistles. Even had a tracking devise built in the wheels which they eventually found.

About three days after that they found the custom built ride but not without missing items from the vehicle.

As to who took the vehicle that hasn't been determined yet but The Private Investigator hired is apparently on their heels according to Will.I.Am. It appears that the valet is suspect because that seen to have disappeared as well.

Will.I.Am is reported to have tweeted, "The Private Investigators I hired are close to finding out who was responsible for my car being stolen. I have my car but items were taken."

Good luck with that, nothing worse than when someone invades your private world especially with theft.