Piers Morgan announced during his show on CNN, that he was no longer going to be a judge on the hit show America’s Got Talent. Morgan said that he wants to solely focus on his show on CNN, because it will be a huge year for the network due to the presidential election.

Sounds like a reasonable answer. I personally don't find him that entertaining on "America's Got Talent" anyway. I call him crabby pants! Who will replace him though?

Lots of rumors hit the internet saying Howard Stern is in "talks" to replace Piers. The "Wall Street Journal", the "Hollywood Reporter", E! and "Entertainment Weekly" are among the sites that have "confirmed" these "talks."

Howard has an interest in music? Apparently so. When Simon Cowell left "American Idol" Howard was interested in taking his spot as a judge. But they were not able to accommodate his demands. Will "Americas Got Talent?"

Word has it that Howard would command $15 million a year  and would need "America's Got Talent" to move from Los Angeles to New York to accommodate his radio show, which would obviously continue. That's quite the demand there Howard. Is he worth it?

Would you continue to watch "America's Got Talent" if Howard joined the show?

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