I had no idea my beloved State of Minnesota was so apathetic toward delicious, creamy ice cream. According to a new study by whatever Zippia is, Minnesotans buy the least amount of ice cream in the entire United States of America.

Zippia says the average American eats 12.1 pounds of ice cream every year or, as I call it, Wednesday. You would think with the huge dairy industry in the state and the oppressive heat we suffer through every summer that we Minnesotans would easily top the list.

You would be wrong.

A company called Gravy Analytics checked out "consumer attendance at ice cream venues nationwide from January 2017 to March 2018." Gravy Analytics then compared population size to that date to determine which states eat the most frozen dairy per capita.

Topping the list for ice cream consumption were California, Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York and Florida. The bottom five included West Virginia, Alaska, Wyoming, Alabama and, shockingly, Minnesota.

I figured with how many times the ice cream man rolls through my neighborhood in Sartell we would be right near the top. But, alas, we are not.

So my friends, this is a call to action. Eat more ice cream. Rocky road, chocolate, even nasty mint-chocolate... consider this your green light to consume as much frozen, sugary goodness as you can.

The entire state is counting on you. No one wants to come in last place! We are the home to Dairy Queen, after all. Let's end this together.

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