It's probably the most exciting thing to happen in Clear Lake since, well, I don't know when!

I drive through the little town ( of Clear Lake, MN every day on my way to and from work. It takes all of two minutes, unless I get stopped at the railroad crossing by a train. While I may not intentionally spend much time in Clear Lake, I do notice if something is different or missing -- like the outside wall of the post office!

I noticed on my drive this morning that a large chunk of the post office wall outside was missing. Pulling a quick U-turn, I pulled into the parking lot to get a closer look. In addition to the missing chuck of brick, it looked like the whole wall was cracked and dented inwards a bit. Caution tape and laminated signs warned visitors to stay away, and another sign indicated that the post office is closed for business until further notice. My guess was that someone had driven into it.

Townsquare Media Staff
Townsquare Media Staff

A phone call and email confirmed after I got to work confirmed my suspicion -- someone had (accidentally) driven into the post office. According to an employee I spoke with on the phone, a customer accidentally backed into the wall just after noon Monday.

According to a press release, service at the Clear Lake Post Office has been "emergency suspended due to structural damage caused by a vehicle." It also goes on to say that retail and PO Box services have been relocated to the Clearwater Post Office.

All that to say, I feel like I should make a post office joke, but I don't have the right delivery.

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