ST. CLOUD -- As an avid basketball fan I spent my Christmas Day watching every single game that was on television.

As the commercials played I did what everyone would do, got up and ignored them. That is until I heard Timberwolves Forward Kevin Garnett...and it wasn't for a Timberwolves ad.

He was actually part of an All-Star Family called "The Hoopers." A family that consisted of L.A. Clippers players Chris Paul (Dad), DeAndre Jordan (Mom), Blazers guard Damian Lillard (Baby), Garnett (Grandpa) and former Wolves player and current Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love (Son).

The ad is part of a new State Farm commercial and I got to say it's not bad.

So whether you're a fan of any of these players or not, I would suggest you Meet the Hoopers!


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