With the threat of even MORE snow looming over us in Central Minnesota and other parts of this great state. Who else is feeling sentiment of "I'm Over It", winter can be done now? Every year it happens. We get teased with nice weather, snow begins melting and then BOOM, more snow.

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Don't get me wrong there are some great things that can come with winter. Such as Christmas, the promise of a new year, snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating, hockey games, hot chocolate by the fire, frost that covers everything and you get picturesque views in Minnesota everywhere you turn, like this one I caught while visiting my parents up North more in Minnesota:

Image Credit: Megan Zee/TSM
Image Credit: Megan Zee/TSM

There are many more and I could go on and on. But after awhile, the effect wears off. At least for me. But doesn't appear I am the only who is feeling that, and I felt very heard when I found this tweet the other day on Best of Minnesota:

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