Sledding can safely be added to the list of "things that were much easier to do as a kid than they are as an adult." I took my five-year-old sledding last week and I was pretty much crapped out after just six or seven trips down (or, more accurately, back up) the hill. He was acting like he could have gone all day!

Our favorite sledding hill (so far) is at Northside Park in Sartell. The first reason being its proximity to our house and the second, bigger reason is the variety of steepness (is that a word) of the hills there.

If you stick to the parking lot/street side of the hill it tends to be a bit flatter, if a bit of a shorter ride down the hill. Halfway across the hill it gets a bit steeper with a couple of jumps built in, then when you get to the west side of the hill, all bets are off. That thing gets really fast and really crowded- it's not for the faint of heart!

While he was a bit apprehensive about sledding in the past, this year he has really been enjoying himself and thus wants to try more hills and sledding areas!

So, which is the best sledding hill in Central Minnesota? Is it our favorite, Northside Park in Sartell? Riverside Park in St. Cloud? Let us know in the comment section of our Facebook page!

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