Central Minnesota has been weathering a pretty significant drought lately with temperatures in the 90's and a nearly total lack of rain. For this reason, Sartell and a few surrounding communities have instituted a full-on watering ban that went into effect on Wednesday.

However, I have seen a bunch of people in town continuing to water their lawn over the last couple of days. Surely they must have applied- and been approved for- an exemption to this ban that allows them to continue watering their precious grass.

Certainly this can't just be a case of people believing they (and their grass) are more important than everyone else, right? They must have been given the green light from the city for some reason.

So where do I get my exemption? I had to deal with a disappointed toddler that wanted to run in the sprinkler the last couple of days who is now asking why the neighbor is allowed to have their sprinkler on all week. If I could just be fast-tracked for approval to turn on my water even though no one else can, I think I'd be okay with that.

Someone do me a solid and send me the link to the application that will allow me to ignore the watering ban please. Sure, we might see our water table go low enough to lose water pressure and affect the quality of our drinking water but, darn it, my grass needs to be green!

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