You're a kid--it's Halloween, and you're excited to go trick-or-treating. You've been waiting and planning all month. You go to what feels like a million houses, ring the door bell a gazillion times and say trick-or-treat more than you can count. You get back to your house with a mountain size pillowcase of candy--dump it on the floor and immediately see the HORROR! You were given some nasty candy.

When I was a kid we HATED getting Bit-O-Honey, hard candy wrapped like a strawberry, Mary Jane, mini packs of raisins (this one is just mean--WHO DOES THIS?), Necco, candy corn, peanut shaped candy and the weird candy with the orange and black wrappers. It was all bad. You vowed that when you became a grown-up, you'd never give out such stinkers.

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