Would you speak up if someone nearby was swearing loudly and your young kids were with you?

Ashli and Dave-O of the Mixed Up Morning Show shared a recent story of how they were eating out at a restaurant with their young son Charlie, and a group of teenagers nearby were swearing loudly and acting generally inappropriate.

"Should I have said something to them?" they asked, taking to Facebook afterwards with a public poll. 73% of votes agreed yes, they should have spoken up while 27% said no, it probably wouldn't have gone over well.

Many people also left comments, suggestions or similar stories of their own.

"I was at IHOP with my youngest who was maybe 7 at the time,and it was a table of 60yrs plus," said Jennifer Reiter. "I wasn’t impressed."

"I’ve said something before," said Amanda Bylander. "I’m always polite about it but just ask that they please think about their language and how it’s influencing my kids.. I would leave the restaurant if my kids were disrupting someone else’s meal and to me it’s the same concept."

"I think it varies by group of teens," offered Emily Fogel. "If I got a vibe they maybe open to it I would say something. If I knew it would only make things worse I wouldn't."

"I probably would have swore at them to stop!" joked Anne Lichty.

"There is 1000% a way to politely say "hey y'all plz either stop swearing or speak more quietly, I have a tiny child here (as you can see) who is literally a sponge and in 3 weeks they will probably say 'f***' at daycare so plz pray 4 me and/or watch yer mouths a bit til I get my kid outta here.'" said Jessica Lee.

Have you ever responded or how would you respond to a noisy or inappropriate group while your children were around?

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