The topic of underwear came up on the Get Up & Go Show this morning.  It got me thinking.  Are we brand loyal when it comes to our under garments?  Does it have to be a certain cut / fit / style?  When I was younger, it was whatever's the cheapest, now at 38, its all about comfort (and brand) over price.

The men I surveyed only shopped for underwear 2-3 times a year, and planned out shopping trips specifically for them, where woman treated it as more as an impulse buy. They didn't set out on a shopping excursion just for their undies, they stopped by their favorite stores, and if a good deal was on the table, they made the purchase!

Marc Piasecki, Getty Images

Oddly enough, the guys were willing to spend more money to get a specific brand, where the ladies were on the hunt for a good deal, and would pass on their favorite pair, if they didn't feel the price was right.

Lucas Dawson, Getty Images

When it comes to underwear, here's what central Minnesotans prefer.


Top 3 Brands

1)  Victoria's Secret

2)  Hanes

3)  Aerie 

Top 3 Styles

1)  Boy shorts / Boy briefs (tied)

2)  Bikini 

3)  Hipster 


Top 3 Brands

1)  Hanes

2)  Abercrombie 

3)  American Eagle

Top 3 Styles

1)  Boxer Brief

2)  Brief

3)  Boxer

For Chad its 'Boxer Briefs' from American Eagle and Kelly 'Boy Shorts' from Hanes.