Former tennis star Bjorn Borg now owns a designer underwear company.  The new company just wrapped up a new survey on sexy underwear and here's what they found friends:

-14% of us wear sexy underwear just in case we get lucky enough to seduce someone.

-18% of us wear sexy underwear because "we want to be ready for action."

-49% of us wear it simple for ourselves because it makes us feel good. 

-47% wear it for our significant others / partners.

other stats in the survey found 79% of us wear sexy underwear on dates, 57% wear it out partying, 59% wear it when we go out for a nice dinner and 24% wear it to the gym....almost half of us, 42% wear sexy underwear daily...and 19% don't wear any at all.......hmmmmm

For more information on his new underwear line, Click Here

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