I have a grocery bag of Easter candy on my kitchen table that makes it look like I went Trick-or-Treating. Seriously. I need a week or two before I can even look at an egg shaped chocolate of any sort. Here are a few ideas of what I'm most likely going to do with it all.

Break Room - If your break room is like ours at the radio station, you can put any food in there and it will just magically disappear. I'm thinking I will just leave the bag of sweets in there and hope that happens.


Save it for Baking - Plain chocolates like eggs or bunnies can be broken up and used in place of chocolate chips in baking. Break them up into small pieces and store in an air tight container.

Arts and Crafts - Peeps make great accent pieces for floral arrangements, and jelly beans can be used like macaroni for art projects. Get creative!

Ration It Out - Have the kids pick a few pieces of candy they really want, then hide the rest away for a while. I'm doing this with myself. Out of sight, out of mind right?

Donate It - There are multiple homeless shelters in the St. Cloud area. Reach out and see if they would accept some candy donations to help spread a little happiness this spring season.

Mystery Peep taste Test 2018



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