It’s March. We may be thinking of warmer weather and going on a buying spree for short sleeves, but wait. You can score some huge deals in other departments. Here’s what to buy and what not to buy this month.

Wait On Spring Clothes

Flip flops, t-shirts, shorts and the like are at their highest prices of the season. If you’re in need of those items; whether for spring time here or for spring break in Florida, wait until the snow is gone and the season is well underway if you’re looking for a deal. No one in Cocoa Beach is going to know your t-shirt and shorts are from last year. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least two months after the season has started to buy in season clothing. Instead, now is the time to score a huge deal on a winter coat, scarf, mittens/gloves, snow pants, winter boots, hats and long underwear.

Ring Up a Deal on a Phone

Last month, techies got together to reveal the new gadget models for this year and suddenly, last year’s hot models aren’t so hot anymore. If you need an upgrade and don’t care if you get a 2013 model phone, now is the time to buy. Although, if you really, really want a brand spanking new phone that’s the latest and greatest, just wait a couple of months as the 2014 models go on sale in the summer and fall months for back to school.

Skip the Sexy Lingerie

One would think that after Valentine’s Day lingerie would be on sale after retailers jacked it up in time for the big day, but no. If you’re looking for lingerie for yourself or for your sweetie, wait until summer. Victoria’s Secret holds their semi-annual sale in the summer months, and often times other manufacturers follow suit. Luckily, the price of chocolate has come down, so you can pick up those melt in your mouth goodies for cheap so you can pick up a high end treat on a budget.

Splurge on a Big Ass TV

The “Super” game is over, the Olympics are done, the February sweeps period is finished and the holiday shopping season is a distant memory. Now is the time to pick up a huge TV. Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite movie on a larger than life screen? Name brand 60 inch TVs are going for as low as $699. That’s about $20 more than they were at Christmas time, so snap them up while you can.

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