I love a good sale! Here are the big items you can save on this month!

  1. TV's - Time to give the living room a face lift! TV's go on sale in September as stores clear out stock to make room for the new models. If you can hold off though, you'll get the BEST deal over Black Friday in November
  2. Smart Phones -Apple and Samsung both announce new models this month, so if you are OK with buying last year's phones you will most likely get a pretty good deal on them!
  3. New Cars - Most dealerships are clearing out the 2017's to make room for the 2018's. Now would be a great time to upgrade the family vehicle,especially since that Minnesota winter and nasty roads are just around the corner!
  4. Vacations - With the kids back at school and the summer tourist season being over, it should be pretty easy to score a cheaper vacation. If you are thinking Disney World, this is actually the slower time of year and really the best time to go!

Happy shopping!

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