My family and I took a drive to the Twin Cities over the weekend. We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of construction cones when we got onto Interstate 94 from 24 in Clearwater.

Where there used to be an acceleration lane entering the road and heading east, there is now a third lane that extends about four miles to the next exit for Silver Creek/Hasty.

That's great but what's the point?

This is not a very high congestion area on most days, although I would guess on Sundays during the fishing and hunting seasons there is a little backup here. Of all the places on the highway that see high levels of traffic, this isn't one that would be high on my list.

Further, I don't think adding lanes even solves most traffic issues that come up on a freeway. In my opinion the main culprits of backups are the bad drivers, not a lack of space.

No matter how many lanes you add to the road, there will still be a guy going 71 in the far left lane. There will still be the person who needs to weave all three lanes to go 97 mph, there will still be the two trucks blocking two lanes going the exact same speed.

I would imagine there is a limited amount of money available to be put toward roads, this just seems like a pretty random place to extend money and resources toward.

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