Do you ever look at a couple that seems so blissfully in love that they are totally unaware of their surroundings? Does it make you wonder what their secret is? Well, here you go. 

They Remember Anniversaries

Now, research shows that people don’t remember their wedding anniversary, so if you can remember a unique anniversary, it’s worth celebrating. Maybe it’s the anniversary of your first date (September 21), your first kiss, the day he proposed (December 10) or when you found out you were pregnant. Regardless of what it is, happy couples remember wonderful things that deserve celebration.

They Communicate With Each Other

Glen and I are both in communications, but sometimes those who do it for a living do the worst job of communicating with their partners. Having a plain old good conversation about your day can help a lot. Especially when one of you is under stress. Talking things out can do wonders because you’re speaking honestly with someone you love and trust and also someone who can hopefully be objective and can give an honest opinion. Sitting down over bills and renegotiating your budget is always a wise decision, too but conversation doesn't always have to be verbal. A turn of the head coupled with the irk of an eyebrow can communicate several different things. If its followed by a little smirk, the other person should know what you’re asking for. If it’s not, it usually means the look giver isn't pleased about something that you said or did (SEE ALSO: Death Stare).

They Share Chores

While it’s true that the majority of women do the chores around the house, men sometimes get a bad rep. Sorry, ladies. Being married has taught me a few things and one of them is “don’t ask him to do something he hates or else it won’t get done and if it does get done, he’ll complain about having to do it and it will get done poorly.” If you know that your partner doesn’t mind doing the dishes, great. Then they can be Captain Cleanup after dinner time. Yard work isn't my favorite thing in the world, so it’s Glen’s job to mow the lawn, rake the leaves, sweep the sidewalk, shovel and trim the shrubs. He also takes out the trash. I do the cooking, vacuuming and sweeping. When it comes to bathrooms, we take turns or rock paper scissors for who gets to do it.

They Laugh Together

I love laughing. Laughing is my favorite and one of the things that Glen and I manage to do well is the keep the silly. Even my Mom and Dad who have been together for 40 years still joke around, the key here is to keep it light and don’t let the joking around lead to mocking of the other one or things could turn bad and quickly, and know when you're about to cross the line. (SEE ALSO: Death Stare.)

They're Grateful

Ordinary is great. I love when everything just goes. Same thing day in and day out. Fine by me. Saturday morning breakfast, yard work, grocery shopping, Sunday mass, it’s all glorious. Happy couples just remember to show the gratitude because the fact that he does little things for you or helps out around the house isn't something that every guy does so remembering to say and show that you appreciate him is huge. Relationships often center around routine, mundane things, so make sure you say thanks and give praise. Every day, Glen thanks me for being his wife and every day I make sure I find something to thank him for and if my mind goes blank, I thank him for choosing me to be his wife.

What Makes You and Your Mate a Happy Couple?