I was among the throes of Minnesotans heading north this weekend for some good old deer hunting when I passed by the (former) Sugar Daddy's building in Sauk Rapids. Instead of the "For Sale" advertisement on the ribbon board out front, there were three messages repeating over and over.


PHOTO: Dave Overlund, TSM
PHOTO: Dave Overlund, TSM

The second sign says "PUMPKIN & SPICE"

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The third sign reads "Racks & Thighs" with pictures of a deer and a bird leg.

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Pumpkin... Spice... Racks... Thighs.

There are two possible explanations. One, Sugar Daddy's is planning to re-open. Pumpkin and Spice are easy to picture as the names of the dancers at the club and I think the 'racks and thighs' bit speaks for itself.


This would be a clever way to get the word out that some sort of restaurant or (ahem) meat market may be taking over the space. Pumpkin spice, racks, thighs... maybe it won't be a 'gentlemen's club' after all?

The property had been for sale for about a year with an asking price of $850,000 but was pulled off of real estate sites in the last couple of months with (apparently) no sale. Perhaps the previous owner is ready to re-open post-pandemic? I guess only time will tell.

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